Robert Minto is an essayist and independent scholar based in Pittsburgh. He is also — under the name R.H. Cloake — a writer of speculative fiction. He has a PhD in philosophy and his writings have appeared in numerous magazines from The New Republic to Asimov’s Science Fiction.

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Stories (as R.H. Cloake)
The Fear of Missing Out. Asimov’s Science Fiction. (Forthcoming)
The Moneylender’s Angel. Beneath Ceaseless Skies.
The Winds and Persecutions of the Sky. Interzone.
Satin and Velvet. Beneath Ceaseless Skies.


The Gesture of the Text. 3:AM Magazine.
The Romance of Distance Has Faded. Lapsus Lima.
The Wound in the Willows. Los Angeles Review of Books.
Free Roaming. Real Life Mag.
A Smuggling Operation. Los Angeles Review of Books.
Clone Wars. Real Life Mag.
Joseph Epstein. Partisan Magazine.


Book Reviews
On Sheila Liming’s What a Library Means to a Woman. LARB.
On László Földényi’s essays. On the Seawall.
On D.H. Lawrence’s The Bad Side of Books. LARB.
On Karen Olsson’s The Weil Conjectures. The Hedgehog Review.
On Benjamin Moser’s Sontag. LARB.
On Joshua Sperling’s A Writer of Our Time. LARB.
On James Atlas’s The Shadow in the Garden. The New Republic.
On Ursula K. Le Guin’s No Time To Spare. The New Republic.
On Philippe Desan’s Montaigne: A Life. LARB.
On Samuel Delany’s Journals. The New Republic.
On Antonin Sertillanges’s The Intellectual Life. Open Letters Monthly.
On Reiner Stach’s Franz Kafka. Open Letters Monthly.
On Sjon’s The Moonstone. Open Letters Monthly.
On Friedrich Nietzsche’s Anti-education. Open Letters Monthly.