First Fiction Publication: “Hypoxia in Three-quarter Time”

As you may know, if you’ve been following along with me, in the past year I’ve devoted myself to writing speculative fiction with the hope of publishing it in SFWA-qualifying magazines (and with the hope of establishing a daily writing habit to take with me when I go back on the road in September).

That labor is beginning to bear fruit. I’ve written 22 stories this year, and so far I’ve sold two of them. Yesterday, my first ever bought-and-paid-for story, a little sub-one-thousand-word flash fiction, was published in Factor Four Magazine: “Hypoxia in Three-quarter Time.”

Unfortunately, it’s paywalled. You can’t read it unless you subscribe to the magazine (which, should you want to do so, is only $4, for access to mine and lots of other interesting flash fictions).

This is just a note to commemorate that my career as a writer now officially runs along two tracks: the critical, philosophical, essayistic track, and the exuberant, pulpy, storytelling track. This is the dichotomy I have always hoped to embody.

More soon, of both kinds of writing!


Cam July 2, 2019 Reply


Mike Swickey July 2, 2019 Reply

This is great news! Just the beginning…

Robert Minto July 2, 2019

I certainly hope so! Thank you.

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