New Story: “The Winds and Persecutions of the Sky”

I’m delighted to announce my second fiction publication. This one is longer than the last, a regular-sized short story. It appears in the venerable British SF magazine, Interzone #283, where it is dramatically illustrated by Martin Hanford.

The story can be found in print wherever issues of Interzone are sold (I’d try your local science fiction bookshop), or it can be ordered online. Here’s the first paragraph:

Sib’s face itches beneath his filter mask, but he can’t scratch. He’s clinging with both hands to one of the vines that trail up the outside of the skyscraper like veins on a muscled arm. They’re some kind of mutated creeper, grown thick and tenacious. Sib used to fear the vines – when he knew them only as snaking shadows on the far side of translucent windows – but his views changed several moments ago, when he began hugging them for dear life as the wind tried to suck him into whistling, sunrise-pink emptiness. Air, he feels, shouldn’t be like this. It should circulate decorously from vent to vent.


I’ve designs on a bit of blogging this month, and also a long review forthcoming from LARB about the new biography of Susan Sontag. So I’ll see you again soon.

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