2020 Plans

The above picture summarizes my writing plans.

I also hope to read many good books (including a bit more philosophy than last year), to achieve conversational competence in French, to run in my first official race, and to cook a variety of new pies and soups.

What about you?


Cam Larios January 3, 2020 Reply

I’m relearning Latin after many years, working on a variety of small health goals, making pasta from scratch, and doing my best to keep up with the references on my favorite podcast, “Weird Studies”. That soup idea sounds splendid too.

Robert January 3, 2020 Reply

Those are wonderful plans. “Weird Studies” looks interesting, too.

Mike Swickey January 12, 2020 Reply

Congrats on your new life, new home in Philly.
Fresh starts, for me, are a reminder that we all live multiple different lives, much like chapters in a book. All the best in your new beginning.

I plan to read some intelligent sci-fi this year.
I am starting with one of your suggestions — Stanislaw Lem. I just got Solaris. I also have Paul Park on deck with Celestis. Any thoughts on either?

Are you planning to work Twitter in to your plans for 2020? Focus on blog, reviews, other work? There is so much you write about that truly resonates with me. You are as close as a soul clone I’ve ever “stumbled” upon — and that’s been a few years now.

Robert Minto January 15, 2020 Reply

Hi Mike, sorry for the delayed reply. I was making my way from Tokyo to Philadelphia. — Thank you for your kind words; I’m really happy my work resonates with you.To answer your questions: I’m trying to avoid Twitter for all of 2020. I will be writing a lot: at least one longform book review a month, numerous stories and a novel, and once I’ve got some of the numerous small chores associated with moving around the world out of the way, I have plans to update and better use this blog.

I can’t speak to Paul Park, as I’ve never read him. But Stanlislaw Lem is great. His stuff varies hugely in style, from the seriousness of something like Solaris to the pulp satire of something like The Star Diaries. He’s never less than interesting and often seriously good. Someday I hope to devote some time to reading through his entire body of work, really chewing on it. Tell me how you get on with him.

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