What I Read, February 2021

Bland Fanatics (Pankaj Mishra) A collection of essays criticizing the political and historical illusions of Anglo-American neo-imperialists. Mishra has a talent for stirring up heated opposition that more or less confirms his observations. He’s been threatened with lawsuits and publicly insulted by such recipients of his scrutiny as Neil Ferguson, Jordan Peterson, and Salman Rushdie.… Continue reading What I Read, February 2021


2021 (Story) [As R.H. Cloake] The Fear of Missing Out. Asimov’s Science Fiction. January 1, 2021. (Essay) Rank and File. Real Life Magazine. January 4, 2021. (Interview) [As R.H. Cloake] From Earth to the Stars. January 20, 2021. (Book Review) On Selina Hastings’ Sybille Bedford: A Life. On the Seawall. February 14, 2021.   2020… Continue reading Bibliography

On the Cliches of the Critics

The following glossary explains the true and secret functions and unintended revelations of certain common cliches used by book reviewers when they are describing books. It is lovingly compiled, since I am in fact a reviewer. I am no doubt guilty of most of these transgressions at one time or another. Every single one of… Continue reading On the Cliches of the Critics

Robert Minto is an essayist, book critic, and (under the pen name R.H. Cloake) writer of speculative fiction. In 2017, he participated in the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop; and in 2018, he earned a PhD in philosophy from Boston College. Robert’s work has appeared in numerous magazines from The Los Angeles Review of Books to… Continue reading