September, 2019: What I Read

This month I read about — among other things — fallen angels in Paris, linguistic adultery, racism in America, monasticism in several religions, a starving writer in Scandinavia, stealing from armored trucks, matricide, Kabbalistic mysticism, emotionally constipated Canadians, and a profoundly touching memoir of marriage (by an 18th-century Chinese administrator)… Read on for the details.

New Essay: “The Struggle to Feel”

I’ve a long piece in the Los Angeles Review of Books. It’s about Benjamin Moser’s Susan Sontag: Her Life and Work. My piece has more of the review and less of the essay than I like in my essay-reviews, but my plan to explore Sontag’s themes while discussing a new account of her life was […]

Cliches of the Critics

Acclaimed– apparent meaning: much praised.– lazy function: to excuse the reviewer from finding any independent reasons why this author should be more important to you than an equivalent weight of white raisins.– unintended revelation: The reviewer read a bunch of other reviews of the book first, to get some ideas for their own review, and […]

Selected Publications

Short Stories Forthcoming: The Moneylender’s Angel Forthcoming: Satin and Velvet The Winds and Persecutions of the Sky Hypoxia in Three-quarter Time Essays The Gesture of the Text / 3:AM The Wound in the Willows / LARB Free Roaming / Real Life A Smuggling Operation / LARB Joseph Epstein / Partisan Mag Reviews Benjamin Moser’s Sontag […]


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