Publication Log: “Rank and File” (essay)

For Real Life Magazine, I wrote an essay about technologies for thinking. They very cleverly entitled it, “Rank and File.” You can read the whole thing, un-paywalled.

The essay ranges across a whole bunch of stuff — professors as role models, note taking systems, mnemonics, Luhmann, citation management, Plato and the myth of Theuth, instrumental reason — trying to get at something general in the relationship between thinking and technology while narrating a series of personal misadventures.

The picture chosen to illustrate this essay is great, except I’m a little surprised the artist, Sarah Anne Johnson, was able to take a photograph of the inside of my head like that without me even noticing.

One Comment

Rae Longest January 5, 2021

Read the article–WOW! More than excellent/outstanding!